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Our Business Partnerships

The most important thing for our organization is the heart of the people, we are partnered with companies that believe in unity and the support of one another that is what makes us Thrive successfully in what we do. Touching people lives in ways where they know there is a greater life to be lived.  We believe with the right support and guidance our community can win life circumstances. Our Business Supporters help make the movement of communities move forward in Growth and Opportunities. We all understand communities is needed for great support in a helping hand to begin the peace and Recovery the success of our future.

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Our Care Package

Incognito House of Designs

Through the Help of This amazing multi-verse company our mission is able to be represented with great pride in what we do. They help create the vision for what we stand for. People come to us with nothing, but with their help we take nothing and turn into something.

Exclusive Staffing Agency

Qualified Boss Group

This company created a space for people in our organization to thrive freely in decision making on enjoyment. Do what you love and put all of what you love on the line and experience a piece of freedom. Most people are burden of unworthiness and through this agency they able to experience a piece of worth back to them with great value to see a better future ahead. 

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12 Months Housing

Quinn's Real Estate Inc.

This Program is to relief the burdens of unclarity from the people and reset all opportunity where the burden is laid upon a greater source, through the decision of our structure and growth they will see something through the mist of nothingness. 12 months of JUST DO there is no more of what can't be done but to do all that can be done.

Executive Meal Prep

Chakra's Restuarant & Crumbs Kitchen

These amazing companies are partnered with our organization to give great justice to the unjust of the people. They believe no one should ever go without eating, there policy is just priceless.  Our community will be spending time enjoying the final ingredient to any cooking is the love, Giving the experience of healing and a piece of enjoyment. 

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